Faces...A Celebration of You, The Movie Lover. This is a project that was born from the love of film and the desire to celebrate the audience. There’s no concrete agenda. Scilla Andreen, the CEO and founder of IndieFlix, and I met at the 2014 Sun Valley Film Festival after I had taken her portrait in the VIP Lounge. Soon after she came to me with her vision, and the rest was history. Our goal is to celebrate the audience and learn a little bit about the people who make up this fabulous world of film. In the end we might make a coffee table book, put up an art installation or create a web-series featuring stories about real people from the filmmakers to the film lovers and everyone in between. There are so many people that make up this community and they are all equally important. Everyone plays a role. We want to celebrate them. We want to celebrate you.

For a full gallery from each festival please visit Faces Of IndieFlix